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Hob,Stove,Oven,Cooking range

Hob: The flat metal framework on top of a cooker on which pans are placedin order to be heated or a similar surface above or beside an open fire on which food containers are put to keep hot.A stove is a free standing unit (COOKER) a hob and oven perform the same function but are usually built in Hobs and Ovens can be separate and some modern ones are however the oven can be situated under the HOB like a conventual oven.  
 Sleekworld  Faberspa  Sunflame
  Glenindia Prestigesmartkitchen

There are of course different HOB’s. GAS, ELECTRIC, CERAMIC and INDUCTION all do the same function but some are cheaper to use than others. the INDUCTION is probably the most efficient of all. Ovens also have various features like FAN ASSISTED which cook quicker than an ordinary oven so saves energy.

Ceramic hobs

Ceramic hobs are electric with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.They’re easy to use and heat up quickly, but heat distribution around the bottom of pans isn’t as good as when cooking on gas.
Smeg Aeg Cda

Induction hobs

Induction hobs only heat the pan, which means you can touch the adjacent surface without burning yourself.Rather than the cooking surface heating up, a magnetic field is created between the pan and an element underneath the glass top.
Aeg Bosch Smeg

Gas hobs

Gas hobs are easy to control and give instant heat. You’ll find gas hobs in professional kitchens, and they’re popular with professional cooks.
Gas Hob
Siemens Neff Zanussi

Gas on glass hobs

Gas glass hobs have gas burners mounted on top of ceramic glass, so they look more stylish than other gas hobs.They don’t heat up as quickly as electric ceramic models, but they’re more precise and easier to control.
 Davoline Whirl pool



logo sleekfaberelica-logosunflame

 An oven is a thermally insulated chamber used for heating, baking or drying  a substance for cooking. Built in ovens are easy to use with intellectual Features suits to any kitchen style. Built in Ovens have  
Trendy at the same time are very easy to operate. Built-in Ovens with lots of specialized features like Digital Display,Mechanical Controls ,Cooling Fans, Convection Fans,Grill, Timer, Roteserie etc are available. Needless to say built to ensure you safety and convenience in baking / grilling etc.read more fromBOSCH-HOME  GLENINDIA elica
 Samsung  Whirlpool  Godrej

Industrial Ovens 

Bodincubator Labinstrumentindia

Built  In Oven

Single Ovens

Single oven means the oven has a single cavity.There are many variations of single oven available. The main differences, other than appearance, are the “functions” or types of cooking that these ovens will perform.The vast majority of “built in” single ovens are now electric. This was not always the case and there is still a limited range of “built in” gas ovens.
Whirlpool Aeg Bosch

Double Ovens

Double oven means the oven has two cavities.Although described as “double” ovens, this type of oven normally consists of one and a half� ovens.There are a few ovens that have two cavities the same size, and these are normally described as “twin”ovens.The cooking functions available are similar to those offered with single ovens
Electrolux Samsung LG
whirlpoolFeatures of Built-in Ovens.Digital Display,Mechanical Controls,Cooling Fans, Convection Fans,Grill, Timer, Roteserie

Cooking range (Stove + Oven)

Cooking range (Stove + Oven).The term stove technically refers only to the stove top, which includes a number of burners (typically four to six) and is used for surface cooking such as boiling, frying, pan-searing, and other methods. The oven is an enclosed device that is used for baking, broiling, roasting, and other cooking methods. 
It employs concentrated heat within the enclosed area, which is usually delivered via heated coils in the top and the bottom of the stove. The term “range,” refers to the combination of stove top and oven into one kitchen appliance.   
Kitchen-appliances Whirlpool LG
Exatech Cannon
Belling Smeg Geappliances


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