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Thread curtain

Thread curtain is a type of curtain used to decorate our window or partition wall.Decorative balls ,stones etc are used in this curtain to make this curtain more attractive.String Curtains are a beautiful,elegant and unique way to cover a window.and also to hang in a doorway! Each string curtain comes with a large rod pocket at the top so that they will work with just about any size rod that you’d like to use from thin poles at home, wire, or even pipe and drape for commercial trade show booths!String Curtains 

Thread curtain
take lighting really well. So if you purchase WHITE String Curtains, you can change the color just by aiming different colors of light at them.


Silver Thread Curtain From Rhome

tdc12Beautiful Thread Curtain From Grihasajja
tdc13Attractive Lovely Pink Thread Curtain From Homeguru

tdc14Tripolina String Curtain From Peroni
tdc15Beautiful White Thread Curtain From Winntec

tdc16Golden String Curtains From furnishingmallpune
tdc17Read Thread Curtain From Rhome




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