Advertisement Tariff

We have various advisement plans in this portal. just listen the plan and contact Us.

Our Plans
Platinum scheme:Ads on Top banner Banner ads  with link to your web page visible to all general pages & special pages.410 x 85 pixels.Top banner slider ads with link to your web page + Upto 5 number of product page slider ads with link to your web page + Search result display of MY PAGE from any number of product page + Image link from product page to your MY PAGE or your web site + option to view inquiry list + message alert.  Rs 10000/month.For six month rs 55000.Rs 100000/1 year.Minimun subscription for six months.
Golden scheme:product page slider ads . Upto 5 number of product page slider ads with link to your web page Rs.1000/month
Vedio ads Categorised Page 1 Video ads from product page with caption and word link to your web page. Rs 2000/month
Image Link ads to Your My page  Up to 5 image link From any categorized pages to your page Rs.500/month up to 5 link.(minimum subscription= 6 months)
Image ads  to Your web site In any categorized pages. Rs 750/month up to 5 link.(minimum 6 months)
My page display My page display. in search result from product Rs 200/month

Payment method
Payments are in advance in Indian Rupees. 

Clients can make payment by depositing cash in our SBI Bank account through any of the SBI bank branches any where in India. Click to find SBI Bank near you. After making payment, please contact us through Telephone  or email with full payment detaisl. SBI – Payments outside from Kozhikode should pay Rs. 100.00 additional as INTER CITY CHARGES.

Account No : 30967003306
Account Holder : A2z4home
Branch: SBI Koduvally