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Aluminium Roofing Sheet

Aluminium is an increasingly popular choice for use in installations and.buildings. It is corrosion-resistant in almost any kind  of environment.Even in highly corrosive industrial environments. Metal roofing sheet

Cost of Aluminium roofing sheet

Cost of aluminum sheet varying  according to the thickness of sheet. Aluminum sheet thickness of 0.4mm ,0.45mm,0.56 mm are  available in the market.Cost range Rs 36 to 50/ft2 in february 2017 

Benefits of Using aluminium for roofing

Aluminium roofing sheets are extremely light and have a high strength-to-weight ratio.An aluminium structure can be easily dismantled, transported and re-assembled in a new location.Though the metal is a good conductor of heat, its high reflectivity for radiant heat and light (75 to 80 per cent when new, 60 per cent after several years) keeps the interiors of aluminium building from   
five to eight degrees celsius cooler in summer, while its low emission rate cuts heat loss in winter.Click here to know more BHINDALCO


Metal roofing sheet Metal roofing sheet
 Oralium  Aluminiumenterprises
Aluminium roofing sheet,Galvalume roofing sheet,Tile profile metalic roofing sheets are most commonly used for roofing sheets

Aluminium roofing sheet


Size of Aluminium roofing sheet

It is better to use 24-26 guage sheets for Roof work.Powder coating can be applied to Aluminium roofing sheet.Aluminium sheets available  8 ft to 24 ft length and up to 3.5 ft width.That is 2.42m to 7.31 m   length and 1.06 m width.Weight of an average sheet 8 x 3.5 ft size = 3.346 kg.Cost = Rs 285/kg on jan 2015 in India Calicut.That is equal to Rs 35/ft2.

Weight of aluminium roofing sheet  from farnell- Click here

Usage of Aluminium Roofing sheet

Aluminium  Roofing Sheet Usage of aluminium roofing sheet:Cladding for roofs and walls,Industrial buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangers ,Indoor and outdoor stadiums,Insulation and protection of fuel storage tanks and industrial boilers,Wall panels for high-rise buildings ,Residential roofing,Roof-on-roof roofing,Exhibition pavilions,Poultry farms,False ceilings,
Metal roofing sheet Aluminium roofing_sheet
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