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Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium Sheet is used  in a variety of applications including  in cooking hollow ware, insulation, air conditioning fin, reflector, bus body,profiled building products for roof and cladding, False ceiling, fascia, paneling packaging, general engineering purpose& motor car/motorcycle modifications, cooker  Aluminium sheet
back splashes,model making, jewellery making, engineering, picture printing, sign making and much more.Manufactures make the products as per the specifications of Aluminium Association (AA) and in varying tempers for  different usage.read more…. JINDALALUMINIUM | MANAKSIA  |  FORWARDED METALS
Aluminium Flat Sheet: Satin Brushed (Click the image for more detail)
Metalsheets Aluminum-pipetube Goodingalum
Metalagencies Swagatsteelalloy Arihantsteel
Knmetaltrading Akashaluminium







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