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Artificial grass

Artificial grass:Artificial grass has been used at doorsteps, on terraces and other similar places for a long time by now. Lately the use of artificial grass has become more common also on different types of green areas.Not only does it look like grass, you could touch it and still be unsure whether it is synthetic grass. And it is
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Usage for sports:Synthetic turf and artificial grass originate from a need for reliable grass and cushioning for sports teams all over the world. The use of synthetic turf cuts down on the use of pesticides and other harmful products in the landscape so that players are uninhibited but also more protected than if they were to practice and compete on dirt or hard ground. Although it was originally made for indoor use, landscapers and landscape designers all over the world have developed an outdoor option which is great for sports and durable outdoors no matter the weather.read more from five star landscape

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