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Athangudi tiles

They are not ceramic. Cement, Baby jelly and Sand along with synthetic oxides make up for the composition of the tile. They are cast from the locally available clay that is first burnt and then legalized.  ATHANGUDI TILES
It is the play of the base colours with typical conventional flora and line drawing designs that sets them apart from the modern versions in the market. Machine Polish is not needed for these tiles, manufactured in the early tones and configurations. It can be cleaned with husk initiallyIt is a hand made tile from Athangudi , which is a place at chettinad region in Tamilnad. It is famous for its taditinal style, cost effective and very attractiveATHANGUDIPALACETILES |  MODERNENTERPRISES
Athangudi tiles athangudi21
Athangudipalacetiles prismma



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