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Automatic Door Opener

Open or close any swinging door automatically with the press of a button. The Swing Door Opener turns any inward or outward swinging, left or right handed door into an automated door, and it is also available with an electric strike for security or privacy.access AUTOMATIC DOOR OPENER
 It has three operational modes and in the event of a power failure the door will still be able to operate manually.read more from   SKYLINKHOME   IRONMONGERYDIRECT power-
Automatic Door Openers are predominantly used in commercial and medium/high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals and local authority buildings. They are often able to be used both manually until automation is required, and are perfect for areas such as shop entrances.

Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic Sliding Door Automatic Sliding Door Automatic Sliding Door
Thenexusarchistructuralproducts Kiranslidocraft  Srima
Automatic Door Openers1 Adding New Automatic Door Opener Along with your Garage Doors Automatic Sliding Door Automatic Sliding Door
Glassslidingdoors Edsuk Jonathansson


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