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Bamboo Products

Bamboo is a very attractive wood.We can make number of building products with bamboo.Bamboo partition wall with variety of model are available in the market.Bamboo has good engineering properties and it is a feasible substitute for other materials for housing and construction sector. Bamboo has high tensile strength, very good strength to weight ratio.  Bamboo partition wall
 It can be easily worked upon by simple tools. It can resist forces created by high velocity wind and earthquake. Bamboo and components made of bamboo are environment friendly, energy efficient and cost effective.more from     HOUSEOFBAMBOO |  Bamboocraft

Bamboo partition Wall

The most extensive use of bamboo in construction is for the walls and partitions. The major elements, the posts and beams, generally constitute part or structural framework. They are to carry the self-weight of building and loads imposed by the occupants and the weather. An infill between framing members is required to complete the wall.
  Bamboo wall

Bamboo flooring

 Bamboo can be used as flooring material due to its better wear and tear resistance and its resilience properties. Whole culms act as frame work and the floor covering is done using split bamboo, bamboo boards, mats etc by means of wire lashing these to the frame.
Bamboo flooring Bamboo flooring
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