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Kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories: Kitchen accessories: Kitchens contain a lot of utensils, pots, pans and small appliances, and food items.To make  sure to have enough space to  BASE CABINET ACCESSORY
store all this items a lot of kitchen accessories are available.There are .Base cabinet accessories and Wall unit accessories and Tall unit  or floor unit accessories are available.  Plain Basket,Cup & Saucer Basket,Thali Basket/Plate Basket,Cutlery Basket,Bottle Rack Basket,vegetable basket, Pull Out System, Corner unit-Base, S Hook, Cutlery organizer, Glass Holder, etc.They are made  of stainless steel,Make of fiber Coated  metal accessories,etc

Plain Basket

Plain baskets that are fabricated using superior quality stainless steel, micro porous chrome and annealed raw material. Efficiently designed, these baskets help to increase storage capacity in a limited space in a kitchen and allow to store kitchenware in a proper manner.
Sribalajihardware Evaindustries

Cup & Saucer Basket

Cup and saucer baskets that are used for storing cups and saucers of varying shapes and sizes. These baskets are provided with separations that allow systematic arrangement of the crockery.
Vibrantmetaltech Kitchenbasketmanufacturer

Plate / Thali Basket

These baskets efficiently store the plates & thali and protect from breakage.Plate and Thali Basket is specifically designed for modular kitchen. Available in varied specification, it can be customized as per the specification of clients. 
Thali Basket Thali Basket
virajmaan Sleek World

Cutlery Basket 

Cutlery Basket that is used for keeping various cutlery items.  The product is available in various specifications  and materials to meet the diverse needs of the clients.  Perforated Cutlery Basket,Pvc Acrylic Cutlery Baskets,Stainless Steel Cutlery Basket,Cutlery Wire Basket,Adjustable Wire Cutlery Basket.
Evaindustries sleekworld
The baskets are particularly designed for storing bottles of varying shape and size. These baskets are in demand in residential as well as commercial kitchens. The slides and drawers provide easy storage and are easy to wash and maintain.

Bottle Rack Basket

Sleek Macwel

Vegetable Baskets

The vegetable basket can be used for storing vegetables. They can be either stored loose or in poly bags as per the requirement. The basket provides sufficient air movement to keep vegetable fresh for a longer duration.
Peacockkitchen Vibrantmetaltech

Pull Out System

 Pull-out Base Unit Storage Baskets.Call them pull out kitchen shelves, roll outs, sliders, rolling shelving,  roll out shelf, slide outs or whatever you like .Pull out shelves are custom made and install in  your Kitchen cabinets as well as pantry cabinets and bathroom cabinets heck they even work great in your garage storage cabinets.read more from   BLUM MERRITHEW  PILATESEQUIP

Corner unit-Base

Corner Storage units are designed to utilize every nook and corner of your kitchen in the best possible way. Corner units make everything easily accessible and nicely arranged giving a neat and trendy look to your kitchen. There are a lot of equipment to utilize corners effectively in kitchen cabinet. 
Corner unit-Base

Kitchen trolley

Kitchen Trolley is an important component to setting up Modern kitchens. There are  wide range of kitchen trolleys which are made to best utilization of Kitchen Space, make Kitchen completely a functional place & enhance the beauty of Kitchen. ,SPECIAL FEATURES,Space Saving,Storage Below Kitchen Platform.Available As Per Size Of Kitchen Platform.Smooth / Easy Movement Of Baskets.Sturdy Frames In S.S.Free From Fungus / Termite / Croches.S.S. Baskets (Corrosion Free) 
Kitchen trolley


Tray is a shallow platform designed for carrying things. It can be fashioned from numerous materials, including silver, brass, sheet iron, wood, melamine, and paper-mâché. Trays are flat, but with raised edges to stop things from sliding off of them. They are made in a range of shapes but are commonly found in oval or rectangular forms, sometimes with cutout or attached handles with which to carry them 
Tray Tray

Recipe book holder

It is  a clever and easy idea for creating a Recipe Book Holder in your kitchen!Simply get a pants hanger out of your closet,hang it from an overhead cupboard and clip your recipe book to it!It helps keep books held open to the page your on. Great for cookbooks and recipes. Helps hold any size cookbook. Features a lovely scroll design to match any decor
Recipe book holder Recipe book holder

Breakfast Counter leg

Break fast Counter leg Cast Iron table bases, maple table base, oak supports, t-shaped legs, h-shaped legs, x-shaped table base, support cylinders, angle brackets, support posts, bar supports, by John Boos, Gibraltar & Hafele. 


Break fast Counter leg

S Hook

“S”-hooks are used in lifting and can be attached to rope or chain using the hook ends. The “S” shape makes attaching and removal of the hook easy. The shape also adds to its strength to distribute weight evenly on both hooks
S Hook S Hook

Paper Foil Holder

Paper and Foil Holder that helps in keeping paper towels neatly and also it allows quick and easy retrieval of the towels. It contains a hard metal hooks on the back for easy hanging on a wall 
Paper Foil Holder Paper Foil Holder

Cutlery organizer

cutlery organizer is a specially designed tray to keep cutlers ( knives, forks, and spoons used for eating or serving food) in position 
Cutlery organiser

Glass Holder

It is a simple equipment  to keep glass in a safe position.  It may be free standing to hold cups securely on a desk or other flat surface, or in a tree style to store sets of cups ,or a hanging device in kitchens. 
Glass Holder Glass Holder
 sleek sheltrness


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