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Bath Room Designing Ideas

Know latest bathroom products

Water closet-Flush toilet Tap (Faucet) ctp2 Over head shower urinal
Water closet Faucet/Tap Wash basin shower urinal
Bathroom shelf,Tumbler holder,towel holder,Flushing unit ,Bath tub,Soap dish,Exhaust fan,Bath room door,Bathroom ventilator ,Steam bath and sauna,Shower enclosure,Water heater,Hand dryer,Toilet paper,Water tank,Hand free toilet,Plumbing pipes etc.Modern bathrooms are not only for its usage but also a thing of beauty,joy and style.
   Bathrooms are provided in a building for personal hygiene  activities.Bath room contains Read more….


Water closet

Water closet or  flush toilet  is a toilet that disposes of human liquid and solid waste, by using water to flush it through a drainpipe to another location for disposal.Indian type water closet,European type Water closet,Orissa pan  are most commonly used.Standard water closet,Wall hung water closet,Wall mounted water closet,Floor mounted water closet,Strap water closet,Ptrap water closet,Single piece water closet ,Two piece water closet,Hand free toilet etc are the different types. Read more…. Water closet-Flush toilet


 Tap (Faucet):Tap is a device for controlling the release of a liquid or gas.Stainless steel tap, Pvc faucet, Brass faucet, Color Sensor tap, LED Light tap,Sensate- Touchless faucet,Kitchen faucet,Instant hot water tap,etc are different type of tap.Read more….. Tap (Faucet)

Wash basin

 Classification of wash basin according to Design:  Counter top wash basins,Wall Mounted/Wall hung wash basin,Wash Basin with Cabinet ,single piece Wash Basin etc .Classification of wash basin according to Usage:Wash basin for residential purpose  and public usage are available.Classification of wash basin according to Materials: Glass wash basins,ceramic wash basins,Natural stone    ctp2
wash basin (marble,granite) ,Concrete,Wood, Bamboo,Stainless Steel, Enamel,Solid Surface,Copper ,granite,marble,plastic,etc. read more..

 Shower in Bath room

A shower is a place in which a person bathes under a spray of water, typically warm or hot water.The water is drained through a drain in the shower base. Modern showers come with configurable temperature and spray pressure settings, along with adjustable shower head nozzle settings. Types of showers:  | Power shower  |Digital shower,  bidet shower|  Over head shower |Mixer showers | Hand shower |Wall Mixer ShowerRead more.. Over head shower


 A urinal  is a plumbing fixture for urination only.  compared with urination in a general toilet, usage is faster because within the room there are no additional doors, no locks, and no seat to turn up; also a urinal takes less space, is simpler, and consumes less water per flush than a toilet.Major consideration:Urinals for men,Urinals for women,Flushing in urinal,deodorizing methods  in urinals  etc are major cosideration,Portable Urinals for Men, water less urinals,Read more..  urinal


Bath Room Furniture

 Bath Room Furniture: Your bathroom is more than just a place to take care of business. It can be a sacred retreat that reflects your own sense of style.Bathroom cabinets are essential but can also be stylish.Bath Room FurnitureHigh cabinets, Mirror cabinets, Shelf units,Wall cabinets, Bathroom stools & benches,Bathroom storage. Read more


Tumbler holder

 Bathroom tumbler is mostly used as a decoration or decorative accent in the bathroom. The tumbler can also be used as a toothbrush holder or vase. In general, any cup or glass that is kept in the bathroom is a bathroom Read more  Tumbler Holder

 Bath tub


 There are many different types of bathtubs. Some are designed for comfort, some for convenience and some for aesthetics. Some of the more popular types include:Clawfoot and pedestal baths,Recessed or alcove baths,Drop-in baths,Free standing baths,Corner baths,Whirlpool baths or Jacuzzis,Walk-in or gated baths.Read more


Exhaust fan

Exhaust fan enables air exhaust from several premises through a single ventilation shaft is the most common solution for such application. Several flats can be connected to one ventilation shaft. Correct ventilation arrangement is of special importance for flat reconstruction and rearrangements.The flexible ventilation system is the ideal solution just for such cases. Read more 401_b

Steam bath and sauna,

 A steam room is a virtually airtight room where steam is fed with the help of a steam generator builds up a humidity level of around 100%.A steam room is generally designed for very wet and hot health treatment.It is usually made of glass.Steam bath has Typically between 115 to 120° F (40°C).Humidity is Very high. Typically close to 100%.Steam bath is an ancient type of bath, first made popular by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Read more  Steam bath

Shower enclosure

 The shower enclosure is a device that makes it possible to alter the function of a bathtub to allow the option of enjoying a tub bath or taking a shower. Shower enclosures can be created using relatively simple materials or be designed to require installation and sealing sections that completely box in the bathing area. Here are some examples of different designs for a shower enclosure.Read more  Shower enclosure

Water heater

 Electric  water heater,solar water heater ,  natural gas water heater, propane water heater, heating oil water heater   water heater

Hand dryer

Toilet paper

Water tank

Hand free toilet

Soap dish

Plumbing pipes

Bath room door

Bathroom ventilator

Materials used for,Cost ,Measurement,Specification (Weight/m,diameter and spacing of  bars),Size or weight /bundle/unit,labour for installation,installation charge,Other accessories(fencing post,frame work),lmanufactures,Retail oiut let


Faucet /tap

Shower enclosure

Towel holder

Bathroom shelf



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