Build Expo 2016-Competition

A competition related to building construction,in the  following category, is conducting buy a2z4home.

Name of award Competition items Who can participate How can join
a)  Lucky building owner  Find the lucky building owner in kerala Any one who is going to construct a building  can participate. Upload the image of the building under construction or the plot which is going to construct.
b) Best Architect award  Any architect with complete project details. Any architect practicing in Kerala can apply Upload the details of the project with images.(Maximun 5 images)
c)  Best Home design award   Best Home  elevation,Best Best home plan,Best verandah,best living room,best dining room,best kitchen,best Bath room.  Any designer,Contractor,Building owner can participate Upload images of your building with  details.
d) Best Flat award Best flat plan,Best flat elevation.  Any flat constructing /constructed owner can participate Upload images of your building.
e) Best commercial building award Best Building elevation award,Best textile interior,Best Jwellery interior, Best super market interior,Best office interior.  Any designer,Contractor,Building owner can participate Upload images of your building.
f) Best 3d view drawing award 3d view designe of any interior or exterior of any kind of building in any software.  3d view designer can apply.  Upload images of your design
g)  Best noval ideaaward  Find  noval idea/product  related to building construction.  Any one who have best idea can apply  Upload your details in blog section.
h)  Best building parts award.  Design and decoration of  any buiding part.Best wall decoration, Best pillar decoration,Best ceiling,Best building painting award,Best hand rail.Best gate,Best gate cabin,Best Compound wall,  Any designer,Contractor,Building owner can participate  Upload images of your work
i) Best landscaping award  Find the best landscaping idea  Any building owner or landscape designer or contractor can apply  Upload images of your work

More details will be published here soon.