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Carbon filters

 Carbon filtersCarbon filters can remove most of the organic compounds, which cause aesthetic problems (taste and odor). The longer the filter remains in contact with water, the more effective it will be in removing the foreign matter. Some of the typical examples of carbon filters include faucet mounted, in line, line bypass, point of entry, pour through, and specialty filters. carbon_filter FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Faucet mounted filters are connected to the faucet directly. In line filters are placed under the sink on the supply line of cold water; it means that hot water is not filtered. Line bypass models are based on a separate faucet at the sink that supplies only filtered water. Water from the existing fixtures will stay on untreated. Point of entry (POE) systems feature a filter, which treats all water entering the home. These systems have also found to be useful in removing volatile organic compounds, which would otherwise disperse into the air. However, these systems are also the most expensive
Various Carbon Filter Cartridge Styles and Sizes. Activated Carbon Water Filter
Filterstore Yeshatechnology Hydro-x
Americanplumber Directindustry Filter-concept
Healthgoods Directindustry  Freedrinkingwater
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