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Cast iron Products

Cast iron Brackets,Cast iron gate,Cast Iron Garden Table And Chairs,Cast iron benches,Cast iron Accessories,Cast iron Lamp post,cast iron fire pit,Cast Iron Gazebo,Cast  cast iron producet
Iron Spiral Staircase,Cast Iron Balusters,Cast Iron Balcony Railings,Cast Iron Compound Railings.Cost of cast iron products are considered  as per weight.Cost range=Rs 65-80/kg (india -calicut-feb 2015)   

Cast iron Brackets

Cast iron corner brackets offer a striking alternative to wood corbels. With sizes ranging from small to large decorative brackets can be used for everything from supporting shelves and counter overhangs to framing windows and doorways.Brackets can support many architectural items, including a wall, balcony, parapets, eaves, the spring of an arch, beams, pergola roof, window box, or a shelf. 
 Castinstyle Relicsofwitney

Cast iron gate

Cast iron is one of the most durable and recycled building materials in the world! Cast iron is highly resistant to corrosion which makes it ideal for street furnishings, storm drain grating and fence, railings and gates of course!By choosing solid cast iron gates and fence you eliminate unnecessary carbon generating energy spent remanufacturing and replacing the products over and over again, while simultaneously providing unmatched value in long term 
ownership costs compared to similar fabricated ornamental iron gates and decorative steel fence making cast iron a natural choice.
Laornamental Ironguys

Cast Iron Garden Table And Chairs.

Garden furnitures  make with cast iron  are most popular because the atmospheric change will not affect the cast iron.The family can gather quite comfortably at the wrought iron table and chairs. We can make very attractive architectural details in cast iron.
Coblemetalworks Ferrouscraft

Cast Iron Gazebo

If you are thinking for a memorable backyard location, then choose for our cast iron gazebo.  Cast iron gazebo is a durable structure that can provide you to sit and enjoy the great outdoors. Cast iron gazebos are sturdier and can hold even under the most severe weather conditions. Along with this we offer diverse cast iron gazebo models in a wide range of designs
Selftrading Agedcastle

Cast iron benches

Smartstore Lostart Ukaa

Lamp post

Castironfurniture Beniciaironworks Blackcountrymetalworks

cast iron fire pit

Ukfirebowls Chiminea Dishedends

Cast Iron Spiral Staircase

Loftcentre Ukaa Parkgateinteriors

Cast Iron Balusters

Fhbrundle Metalwork Castironfurniture

Cast Iron Balcony Railings

cast iron railing Cast iron gate Cast iron gate
Sheptonsantiques Historichouseparts Ironguys

Cast Iron Compound Railings

Castironfurniture Dincast Artedemexico
Cast iron containing  1.8 to 4.5 percent carbon by weight whereas carbon steel contains less than 0.5 percent. The additional carbon makes the molten iron more fluid and easier to cast in complex shapes. Highly suitable for casting large and heavy objects (such as engine blocks) it has high compression strength but low ductility.Gates of cast iron with ornamental design style and color lend opulence to any structural construction. Elegant looks incorporated for fine execution of the intricate designs of cast iron gate. Meticulously designed concepts on CI gates in harmony with beautifully designed colorful cast iron balcony railing give royal entry appearance of your dream house.read more from  TUROLLAOCG    CALCUTTAEXPORT


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