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Cement decorative products

Cement decorative products:Cement decorative products are the most low cost designing material .We can paint the surface with beautiful colors. It is used both interior and exterior cladding.There are a lot of  decorative building  F1020009
products  constructed with cement.Cement decorative planks,Charupady,Thoovna board, Azhikoodu,Cement Door frame,Cement windows,Fencing post,Concrete fencing grills,Pillar cap,Ferrow cement Wardrobe etc. 

Cement decorative  planks

 Decorative planks are used to decorate wall and ceiling.It,may,be,rectangular,square,circular,oval or flower type.It is pasted on wall with cement mortar or cement grout .
Charupady :Charupady with cement products are are also available.It is the most cost effective method for making charupady.Charupady hand rail support,seating decoration,cladding with cement planks,corbels,borders,flowers with cement products are available 
Thoovna board:Thoovana board is a decorative plank provided in the edge of roof projection bottom edge.It may be make with wood,Rcc,or pvc.It has in different design.

Cement jally

Decorative Balustrade HZ-308 1
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