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Fiber cement boards

Fiber cement boards are manufactured from a combination of Portland cement, silica and completely natural fibres for an environmentally-friendly and safe building product.You can use fibre cement board for various interior and exterior applications where a smooth, flat surface is required for finishing  cement planks3
off, claddingpartitioning,and edging various projects.Fibre cement board is an economical and lightweight board that can easily be used for all interior and exterior building applications due to the fact that it is unaffected by moisture, is resistant to rotting and corrosion and unaffected by UV light, plus the fact that it can be painted or coated with almost limitless combination of colours and textures for internal and exterior applications. The sheets are best painted with a pure acrylic PVA paint. Where it is intended to use oil or alkyd paints it is essential to prime the sheet with an alkali-resistant sealer.home dzin
Vke Asbestossheet Hotnick
     SHERA planks come in pre-painted designs
Sinoceiling Interfacelimited  Sherae
Fiber cement board partition Wall Boards are completely resistant to moisture, fire and termites and can be used for commercial, industrial or residential purposes. The wall boards can be combined with timber, steel or aluminum frameworks to provide added strength to dry wall constructions. Installation is just as quick as removal, giving architects a higher degree of flexibility to change designs without losing valuable time. Finally finished with paints, veneer or wallpaper, these walls are picture-perfect.cost range =around Rs 120/ft2 in jan 2012Read more from  FICHTNERSERVICES | FSSANLE
Sinoceiling Everestind Cement Plank
Cement plank:Used for partition wall and cladding.Make with cellulose fiber, fly ash and cement.Available in 6 x 4 , 8 x 4 ft size with 4 mm to 20 mm thick.Available in wood finish or cement colour. We  can use it by applying suitable colour.Cost :Rs 14 onwards/ft2 on aug 2012.Attractive and durable, Everest Cement Planks are manufactured in our ultra modern plant using state-of-the art Hatschek process. Available in different sizes and primered form, these five the appearance of wood without the usual flaws and knots!EVEREST CEMENT PLANKS fiber cement board
Sainext Uniquehomeindia

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