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Ceramic Roof Tile

Different types of Ceramic Roof Tile

ceramic roof tiles Roof tiles ceramic
There are different type of ceramic tiles.Fully ceramic roof tile and Ceramic coated Roof tiles.Interlocking ceramic roof tiles create a stunningly beautiful roof that can last for 100 years or more. But this type of roofing requires a beefy support structure. Cost of ceramic  coated clay roof tile=IN Rs 84 to 180/each , of size 1.25 no/1 ft2 .Cost of fully ceramic Roof tile=INrs 85/1 numbers of size= 1.625 ft2 / 1 number. 

Types of Ceramic Roof tiles

Mixed Ceramic Roof tiles, flat Ceramic Roof tiles,  curved ceramic roof tiles.  Read more from ceramicamazarron  


Fully ceramic roof tile

Ceramic coated Roof tiles

Interlocking ceramic roof tiles


Ceramic Roof Tile Ceramic Roof Tile
   Keerthyroofings  Lionceramics
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Ceramic Roof Tile


Ceramic Roof Tile
 Claypoint  Jayadevtiles
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