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chemical dosing system

chemical dosing systemAqua Enviro Care  has expanded and updated its range of powder handling systems so that they are ideally suited to the accurate discharging and metering  chemical-dosing FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
of water and effluent treatment chemicals. As a result, we are able to help Waste Management companies comply with the Landfill Directive (EC), Chemical and Other Processing companies comply with the regulations covering the discharge of effluent into rivers and stream and Utility companies to meet their quality obligations in terms of domestic water supplies.A wide range of conveyors may be used to achieve very accurate dosing with rates as low as 1kg/hr. Providing an even and consistent  material flow, the Aqua Enviro Care systems can eliminate bridging of material and consequent starvation of the conveyor leading to the slurry tank.
Msmemart Positivemetering
Metapow Aguapurosystems Hidrofilt
Mahirtech Mahirtech Zionenviro
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