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Coated glass

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Heat-reflective coated glass is a kind of product formed after plating multilayer of metal and metallic compound films on the surface of glass through vacuum magnetron sputtering technology. It has the ability to control transmittance 
of visible light and keep solar radiation out of rooms, so as to reduce energy consumption of air-conditioner. More about coated glassSend Enquiry
ccl1Color Coated Glass Partition From Garlightglass

Color Coated Glass Name From Pico-projects

ccl3Color Coated Glass Table From artisamhn
What is more, it has colorful appearances and can provide many choices for modern building design. However, its main roles are to reduce the shading coefficient of glass and restrict direct penetration of solar radiation. Heat reflective coatings can not significantly reflect far infrared rays. Thus, it does not make much difference in the improvement of U value.
ccl4Beautiful yellow Color Coated Glass Wall From productfind
ccl5Orange Coated Glass Kitchen From bendheim
ccl6Living Hall Colour Coated Glass From Glassmalaysia
ccl7Colourful design with enamelled Color Coated glass From semcoglas



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