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Concrete Decoration works

Decorative concrete

Concrete Decoration  works
Decorative concrete is the use of concrete as not simply a utilitarian medium for construction but as an aesthetic enhancement to a structure, while still serving its function as an integral part of the building itself .

Decorative concrete in

building design.

Pillar decoration, Garden sculpture, floor & wall relief works, Well decoration, Gate cabin and compound wall ,driveways and patios are the most common application area of decorative concrete.
The transformation of concrete into decorative concrete is achieved through the use of a variety of materials that may be applied during the pouring process or after the concrete is cured, these materials and/or systems include but are not limited to stamped concrete, acid staining, decorative overlays, polished concrete, concrete counter tops, vertical overlays and more.

Pillar decoration  works

with Decorative concrete

Concrete Decoration  works Concrete Decoration  works Concrete Decoration  works

Garden and exterior decoration

works with Decorative concrete

Concrete Decoration  works
A beatifull tree shaped decoration  work on the garden.It is in the shape of a living tree and branches are cut.Hand work made with cement decoration.

Well decoration ideas

Concrete Decoration  works
Well decoration ideas.Cement decoration on well on the yard.It is a design work converting the shape of the well in to the design of a tree.It will be a very attractive item on the garden.

Garden furniture

Concrete Decoration  works
Garden furniture with cement works.A garden  bench is created with cement works.It is just like the shape of a wooden cut piece.



iConcrete Decoration  works
Step design work with cement.A cost effective method for verandah decoration.


Decorative arch work

Concrete Decoration  works
Laterite shaped arch work  on the interior of a living room


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