Hand Rails -Different types

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Hand Rails -Different types

A handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide stability or support.Hand rails are provided for stair case,verandah,balcony.Cast iron Hand rails,Cement 
hand rails,Bamboo hand rails,GI pipe hand rails,etc are most commonly used.

Glass Handrails

Glass pillar balusters are most attractive decorative product.Crystal staircase stands for the latest modern staircase designs.Glass stair banisters enhance natural light, support and ease circulation, and serve as beautiful decorative elements. Stair banisters are more than just a collection of stringers, treads, risers and glass stair banisters. Each element conveys a different mood. Much like a piece of music, arranging these elements to create a beautiful whole requires expertise.  
Glass Handrails Glass Handrails

Stainless steel hand rails

Stainless steel handrails are most commonly used in modern architecture.200 series are used in interior purpose and 300 series are used for exterior purpose.Stainless steel Hand rails mixed with wood,glass and other attractive materials are common in use.Cost=Rs 3000/m -7000/m models are available in india kerala on jan 2014 Stainless steel hand rails.

Aluminum hand rails

Aluminium Hand Rail is cost-effective solution with more architectural appeal. Sleek, durable, and maintenance-free at a fraction of the cost of galvanized steel handrail. It is Durable and no Paint and No Maintenance require.Versatile for any application.Easy installation with no onsite welding necessary!Custom Configurations,Manufactured to meet any specifications,Modular handrail system  add to it, move it, or reuse it elsewhere!
Aluminum hand rails Aluminum hand rails

Wooden hand rails

Wood stair railings are just one of the ways that you can change the look and feel of your home. One of the great benefits to wood stairs is their versatility. You can add many different design elements to compliment any wood stair. Custom Stair railings are one of the best ways to make an visual impact in your home. Your stairs are the focal point of the center of your home. The design conscious homeowner knows that the structure of the home make just as much of an impact as the furniture, if not more.
Wooden hand rails Wooden hand rails

wrought iron Hand rails

wrought iron Hand rails The wrought iron stair railing can be found in many historic buildings and properties gives an appearance of strength and skill. The cast iron is also used in contemporary buildings due to their beauty timeless and longevity. Building wrought iron railings must meet specific building codes to ensure its strength and security. Issues such as weight, height and spacing between the bars must pass strict inspection in the hands of trained inspector’s construction. The wrought iron stair railing is used on stairs, balconies, decks, fences and other private places

GI pipe hand rails

GI pipe hand rails GI pipe hand rails

Bamboo hand rails

Bamboo hand rails Bamboo hand rails

Cement hand rails

Cement hand rails Cement hand rails
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