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This is perhaps the most economical type of painting available in the  market today. It can be classified as a “Whitewash” job. This term is probably deep rooted in our vocabulary as home owners whitewash their homes prior torenting it out and occupants insist on a periodic whitewash from the home owners The major constituents of distemper are chalk, lime,  Distember
water and some coloring agents if necessary. Distemper is a water based paint. 
Distember Distember Distember
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Distemper is a term with a variety of meanings for paints used in decorating and as a historical medium for painting pictures. The binding element may be some form of glue or of oil; these are known in decorating respectively as soft distemper and oil bound distemper.

Distember Distember Distember
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Distember Distember
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