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 DOOR LOCK :A lock is    a mechanical or electronic fastening device that is released by a physical object (such as a key, key card, fingerprint, RFID card, or security token), by supplying secret information (such as a key code or password), or by a combination thereof. DOOR LOCK
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Types Of Locks

Door locks are classified according to working system,material used and surface finishing and design of the product. Mortise lock,safety lock,Digital lock are classification according to working method.Brass lock,Zinc lock,Stainless steel lock,Aluminum lock,Mild steel lock are the classification according to material.
Brass finish,Antic finish,Stainless steel finish,Golden finish,Silver finish,Silver gold finish are the classification according to finish.
Number of Variety of designs  in above all categories are available in the market.
two. Mortise locks and Safety lock.Safety locks can be divide to two. Horizontal locking system and vertical lockin g system.
Cylindrical lock.Cy keys.Euro profile K Y key.Master key.Grand master key.
Horizontal locking system. Horizontal  multi locking system.
vertical locking system.
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Knob Locks

Knob locks are frequently used in conjunction with a deadbolt, or on doors where the need to resist physical force is not needed.  Knob locks contain the locking cylinder in the outside knob itself, this means that if someone applies a wrench or hammer behind the entry knob it can be  broken off and then opened.
Knob Locks

Lever Locks

Lever locks are frequently used by businesses on office doors and other inside doors.  Lever locks still contain the locking cylinder on the outside lever, because of this a hammer could still break off the outside lever and allow access to the room.  It is best to use deadbolt locks when there is some possibility of needing to resist forced entry. 
Knob Locks

Cam Locks

Cam locks are frequently found on filing cabinets, tool chests, and similar devices. They are held in place by a retaining ring or clip from the back are standard in most dimensions. They can vary in length and have a variety of tailpieces/cams that can fit on the back of them. The hole for a cam lock looks like an oval with flat sides.
Cam Locks

Rim / Mortise

Rim / Mortise cylinders are frequently found on businesses, apartments, and condos. Mortise cylinders are threaded and screw into the device, and rim cylinders feature long tails that generally actuate the bolt or an interior mounted device like a jimmy proof rim complete rim lock.
Rim / Mortise Rim / Mortise Rim / Mortise

Euro Profile

Euro profile locks are frequently found in most European doors and are easily interchangeable. There are single, double, and thumbturn euro profile cylinders and the only variance is generally on length. Some American sliding/double doors or 3rd party devices also use euro profile cylinders.
Euro Profile

Wall Mounted Locks

Wall mounted locks are locks that are actually mounted in the wall. The most common type of wall mounted lock would be the Knox-Box or fireman’s box style lock found in many larger businesses as an emergency access to the buildings keys. Wall mounted locks can be used for more than just key storage.
Wall Mounted Locks  Wall Mounted Locks  Wall Mounted Locks

Interchangeable Core (IC) Locks

Interchangeable core / figure 8 locks are found in some American industrial environments and are favored due to their removable (or interchangeable) nature. The format is not standard so there are some variants.
Interchangeable Core (IC) Locks

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

Jimmy proof deadbolts are a surface mount product frequently found on apartments and double doors. They are sometimes preferred due to the minimal door modifications required. They are also unique as the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket preventing it from being simply pulled apart or forced easily from the outside. A surface mount lock means the lock screws into the inside of the door rather than having a complex drill pattern like a standard deadbolt. Jimmy proof deadbolts only require a hole drilled straight through the door for the rim cylinder.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

Rim Latch Lock

Rim locks are frequently found on older apartment doors and some businesses.  Most of the hardware installs on the surface of the door and jam so they require minimal modifications to install. There is no bolt within the door itself and no need for a hole in the door jamb, so they can be used in situations where the door or jam is too thin to support a typical deadbolt 
Rim Latch lock

Key In Knob (KIK) Cylinders

Key in knob cylinders are found is a large variety of devices including deadbolts, knobs, levers, and many OEM solutions. Primarily used in North American products they are not uncommon for other locking products too. There are no standards for retrofit cylinders so generally there are minor variants between models.
Key-in-Knob (KIK) Cylinder


 allow for locking of gates, fences, chains, and other products through the use of a locking device with a movable shackle. Padlocks come in a wide variety of sizes and materials for different applications. Smaller padlocks are frequently used for tamper evident sealing (so you know if someone has compromised the item) rather than actual force resistance.


Deadbolts are locking devices commonly installed on outside doors that need to resist physical attacks. Most North American doors come pre-drilled for a deadbolt, although some very old doors may not be drilled to support deadbolts. It is suggested that you have a deadbolt on all outside facing doors as knobs and levers do not provide any force resistance. 
Dead Bolt







Door LockMedium door locks series 2





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