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Enamal paint

Enamel paint is paint that air dries to a hard, usually glossy, finish, used for coating surfaces that are outdoors or otherwise subject to hard wear or variations in  Enamal paint
temperature;It is applied in wood. steel and other surfacesFloor enamel – May be used for concrete, stairs, basements, porches, and patios. 
Enamel Paint Enamal paint Enamal paint
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Enamal paint Enamal paint Enamal paint
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Solvent based paints:Solvent based paints – Lustre paints, Enamel paints and oil paints all come under the category of solvent based paints. They cannot be pre-mixed with water. Oil based paints take a longer time to dry and often produce strong odors which are irritating and sometimes even toxic in nature. The advantage with these paints is that they really last long and produce rich and desiring effects on the wall.
Enamal paint Enamal paint Enamal paint
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Fast dry enamel – Can dry within 10–15 minutes of application. Ideal for refrigerators, counters, and other industrial finishes.High-temp enamel – May be used for engines, brakes, exhaust, and BBQs.Enamel paint is also used on wood to make it resistant to the elements via the waterproofing and rotproofing properties of enamel. Generally, treated surfaces last much longer and are much more resistant to wear than untreated surfaces.Read more.. BRITISHPAINTS Enamal paint


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