Light fixture-Classification of Light source fixing type

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Light fixture-Classification of Light source fixing type


Different types of light sources-

by fixing type

Classification according to Fixing method
Recessed Down lights,Recessed Down lights, Walkover Lights, Bulkhead LightsHanging Lights, Flood LightsSpotlights, Prismatic Sphere ,Bollard LightsLighting Poles In Demand For,Under Water Lights:


Table Lamp

Portable light fixtures are often called “lamps”, as in table lamp or desk lamp. In technical terminology, the lamp is the light source, what is typically called the light bulb.  
Table Lamps


 Fancy Light

The Fancy Lamp is a decorative light fixture added by BiblioCraft. It is placed on the ceiling, floor,table or a wall. Lamp shades come in all the standard dye colours. To change the shade colour of the lamp just place one in a crafting table with a piece of dye 
decorative light

Recessed Down lights

Recessed light is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling.Offer bright lightning.Ideal for commercial offices, corridors and under canopies.Wide choice of lamp wattages and orientation,  horizontal and vertical lamp mounting.Installation is quick and user friendly, requiring no tools to connect or fit into the ceiling aperture.New decorative bezel profile.Light fixture-Lamp-BulbExtended range of attachments, including tri-vane louver and silver painted bezel.Other attachments in opal or clear polycarbonate with frosted rim.Can be suspended, 12.5mm from bezel, or mounted flush to fitting for an IP44 seal.Choice of high frequency or conventional (13 – 26W) control gear.High frequency versions all weigh below 2kg.Both analogue and Digital dimming available.3 hour maintained emergency versions.C-ring for semi recessing.  

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Surface Mounted LED down lights

Surface mounted LED down lights
 Surface Mounted LED down lights are the perfect solution if you do not have a ceiling recess for conventional down lights. We offer a good range of surface mounted LED down lights to suit all decors. Ideal for use in the home or even commercial applications these fittings are very easy to install. If you require any guidance or help planning your surface mounted LED downright scheme then please contact our team who will be happy to help..


Walkover Lights:
Featured With-Cast aluminum lightning fixtures.Stainless steel screw.Corrosion.UV rays resistant coating.Toughened glass.Rubber gasket.Contemporary designed.5 light garden kit with achromatic finish
Light Emitting Diode Lights
Walkover Lights
Bulkhead Lights:
Specifications-YG-5002 exterior bulkhead light fitting.Cast lacquered alumin um construction.Opal vandal resistant acrylic glass.Dimensions Projection 78cm Depth 27cm.Max 2 X 9 watt low energy lamps (supplied).5 year manufacturer anti corrosion guarantee
Light Emitting Diode Lights Light Emitting Diode Lights
 Bulkhead Lights
Wall Lights:
 Specifications-SM107 : DIA. 190MM/230mm H: 100mm.Material : Glass cover/Die casting aluminum.Meas : 51*38*39.5cm.Lamp body color : White/black color as your request.Glass color : Opal/transparent.With energy saving lamp or incandescent lamp
Wall Lights
Wall Lights
Mirror Optic Luminaire:
 Specifications-Wide spread recessed mounted mirror optic luminaires.Parabolic lamellae suitable for 2 x 36w TLD fluorescent lamps.TLD fluorescent lamps fitted with Philips made electronic/electromagnetic ballasts.Made of CRCA sheet steel power.Coated with 99.98% bright anodized aluminium reflector.
Hanging Lights 
Specifications-Bright lightning,Up to 8 hours working,With one white LED,One 1. 2v/600mah rechargeable Ni-cd batter,
Hanging Lights
Flood Lights:
Specifications-Body Construction : Die Casting Aluminum,Drive Mode(Optional) : Static Scan,Max. Power Consumption : 200-400 Watt,Optic Angel : 60degree,Optional Optic : 120degree,Working Environment ,
Flood Lights
Flood Lights
Outdoor Lights:
Specifications-Body Construction : Die Casting Aluminum,Bright lightning,Glass color : Opal/transparent,Anti-corrosion,UV ray resistant coating,Glass diffuser
Outdoor Lights
Outdoor Lights
Outdoor Spotlights: 
Properties-Body Construction : Die Casting Aluminum,Bright lightning,Glass color : Opal/transparent,Anti-corrosion,UV ray resistant coating,Glass diffuser
Outdoor Lights
Outdoor Spotlights
Prismatic Sphere
 Specifications-Bases with ceramic lamp holder and supports,Made from cast aluminium,Lighting fixtures,Stainless steel screws,Anti-corrosion,UV ray resistant coating,Glass diffuser,E27 1 x 18W,W 100mm,H 900mm,
Outdoor Lights
Prismatic Sphere
Bollard Lights:
 Specifications Body Construction : Die Casting Aluminum,Bright lightning,Glass color : Opal/transparent,Anti-corrosion,UV ray resistant coating,Glass diffuser,
 Bollard Lights
Bollard Lights
 Light poles 
Cast aluminium formation,Lighting fixtures,Stainless steel screws,Anti-corrosion,UV ray resistant coating,Glass diffuser.Pole LightsSpecifications:Made from cast aluminium,Lighting fixtures,Stainless steel screws,Anti-corrosion,UV ray resistant coating,Glass diffuser,
Lighting Poles Lighting Poles
Lighting Poles


Light pole
Pole Lights

Table Lamps:

Portable light fixtures are often called  table lamp or desk lamp.The Table Lamps that  offer, known for their exquisite designs and excellent quality. There are different type of table lamp like Modern Table Lamps, Antique Table Lamps etc. Table Lamps are used in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. These Table Lamps are available in different colors, styles, and sizes.

Table Lamps Table Lamps
Table Lamps
Under Water Lights:
Underwater Lights , Led Underwater Light,  that  are available in a wide range that is designed as per the latest technological advancements.  Under Water Lights offer bright lighting coupled with longer life.
Under Water Lights
Under Water Lights


Classification of Light source by manufacturing technology

according to their manufacturing technology.Incandescent bulb,Halogen bulb,fluorescent bulb,LED bulb,Sodium vapor lamp,Mercury bulb,tube light,Solar light, etc.

                                 Lighting Products



A light fixture or luminaire is an electrical device used to create artificial light by use of an electric lamp. All light fixtures have a fixture body and a light socket to hold the lamp and allow for its replacement.Fixtures may also have a switch to control the light. Fixtures require an electrical connection to a power source; permanent lighting may be directly wired, and moveable lamps have a plug. Hanging Lights
Light fixtures may also have other features, such as reflectors for directing the light,an aperture (with or without a lens), an outer shell or housing for lamp alignment and protection, and an electrical ballast or power supply. A wide variety of special lightfixtures are created for use in the automotive lighting industry, aerospace, marine and medicine.

source by Usage

 Fancy light,Ceiling lamp,Wall lighting,Gate and compound wall  lighting,Garden lighting,Swimming pool lighting,Verandah lighting,Living room lighting Dining room lighting,Bed room lighting,Kitchen lighting ,Outdoor Lights: etc

Classification according to

manufacturing material

LED light,CFL bulb, Incandescent bulb,Fluorescent light, Sodium vapor lamb,halogen bulb,mercury lamp,Mirror Optic Luminaire:

Classification of Light source according to usage.Lamp,Ceiling light,Wall light,Fancy light,Spot light,Recessed lamp,Down light,Garden light,Surface mounted light,Hanging fancy light

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