a) MY PAGE creation details:

1)      Register your name with a2z4home.com and reach “My Account Page”. There are seven useful button for you.

2)      Click the button “MY PAGE” & create a free business page on this site. Add your complete product details and images there. Update it.

3)      Then Click the button “SELECT PRODUCTS”. From there select  the products which you are manufacturing/marketing. Up date it.

4)     Then click the button “ADD LOCATION”. From there select the country ,state, and districts where your products are available. Up date it. While people  are searching  for particular products in these places your “MY PAGE” will be listed.(If the district field is blank,  please send us an email listing the  main business cities in your state.)

5)     Then Click the button “MY GALLERY”. Upload attractive and useful images  of your products. It will be visible on your my page after approval. If your images are the  most attractive and beneficial to the users, we will display it on  our main product page. A link will be given to your “MY PAGE” from there. It will be a great advertisement to you. There are options to share your gallery images with  face book or other main social net working sites. We hope it will be also a great advertisement to you

6)     Then click the button “ADD DEALERS/MANUFACTURES”. In this page you have options to list your dealers list. If your dealers are already registered members on  this site just add them as your dealers. If any one of them is not a registered member, there are options on this page to inform them about that. So hurry up..Utilize this great opportunity.