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Fly Ash Block

Fly ash brick

Fly ash is a byproduct from burning pulverized coal in electric power generating plants. Fly ash brick (FAB) is a building material, specifically masonry units, containing class C fly ash and water. Compressed at 28 MPa(272 atm) and cured for 24 hours in a 66 °C steam bath, then toughened with an air entrainment  Masonry wall
  agent.fly ash–lime–phosphogypsum (FaL-G) hollow blocks are one of the best substitutes for conventional burnt clay hollow bricks or concrete hollow blocks in construction industry. FaL-G hollow blocks are light in weight and being hollow, impart thermal insulation to the buildings. 
In this paper, a study based on the results of an experimental investigation on FaL-G hollow blocks is presented.  The compressive strength, water absorption and weight of FaL-G hollow blocks were determined. The durability of these blocks in terms of loss in compressive strength in sulfate environments is also presented in this paper. It is observed that FaL-G hollow blocks have sufficient strength for their use in general building construction.More from ECO BRICKS

Advantages of fly ash bricks

 Fly ash bricks have high compressive strength and low water absorption (6-12%). They are light in weight and have high strength to weight ratio. They are less porous and have a thermal conductivity of 0.90-1.05 W/m2°C. Bricks have uniform pleasing colour like cement. They are uniform in shape and smooth in finish. No plastering is required. They also have dense composition.  This technology is economical and environment friendly. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
 There is no emission of greenhouse gases during production. Required operational area is smaller than any other brick producing unit.
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