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Fountain General

fountain  is a piece of architecture which pours water into a basin or jets it into the air to supply drinking water and/or for a decorative or dramatic effect.Fountains were originally purely functional, connected to springs or aqueducts and used to provide drinking water and water for bathing and washing to the residents of cities, towns and villages fn1
. Until the late 19th century most fountains operated by gravity, and needed a source of water higher than the fountain, such as a reservoir or aqueduct, to make the water flow or jet into the air.Fountains are used today to decorate city parks and squares; to honor individuals or events; for recreation and for entertainment. A Splash pad or spray pool allows city residents to enter, get wet and cool off in summer. The musical fountain combines moving jets of water, colored lights and recorded music, controlled by a computer, for dramatic effects. Drinking fountains provide clean drinking water in public buildings, parks and public spaces.
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Exterior Fountain

Outdoor fountains make modern homes, garden, front yard and backyard designs look attractive and stylish, inviting to enjoy peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that a water fountain creates. Indoor and outdoor fountains are a great way to decorate home interiors, backyard or front yard, patio and garden, adding a personal touch to rooms, house exterior and landscaping ideas.A wide range of modern outdoor water fountains include decorative fountains for the front yard and garden fountains, wall fountains and changing water color fountains, solar fountains and waterfall fountains, small tabletop fountains and unique large fountains, inspired by classic and antique designs, floating and dynamic water fountains for interesting contemporary backyard designs.
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Wall Fountain

Wall   FountainWall mounted fountains are excellent focal point wall pieces that are sure to set the tone for any while making a strong  impression to guests and visitors.  Wall fountains are mounted on the wall as their name suggests and typically have a light at the top of the unit that eliminates the feature.  Popular wall fountains or water walls as they are commonly referred to are made of granite or slate.
fn6 fn7

Interior Fountain

Interior fountains are one of the attractive work in building.It gives a cool atmosphere and a lively mood on the mind.Pebbles artificial or natural grass ,water fall ,rock etc are the parts.ndoor fountains & water features bring ambiance inside any room or office.
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Table fountain

Table,fountain:Tabletop fountains release negative ions that promote better concentration. They also humidify dry air, and the sound of the water is soothing. Tabletop fountains can be very simple to make–they only require a bowl, a water pump, rocks, and decorations. 
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