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Garden Lighting

GARDEN LIGHTING:  Wiring to the garden lights should be under ground. It should be water proof and high quality.(1)Large focus lamp can be used to show full garden.(2)Back ground lamps are used to increase the size and beauty of plants.(3)Up light-from bottom to top-gives more effect.(4)Spot lights used to project certain areas. garden lighiting
(5)Contour lighting helps to high light  the borders and pathways in garden.(6)Mushroom lighting helps to high light grasses.(7)Under water lights are used to get more effect to ponds and pools.(8)Halogen lamps are used to get garden more natural in night.Solar lamps help to save electricity.(9)Some areas in garden get less natural light. Plant that areas glossy leave plants. (10)We can lay white pebbles and chips to illuminate those areas.read more from ELTRONLEDLIGHTINGSend Enquiry   
garden lighting
 Certified-lighting  Inventaalighting  Garden Lighting
 Microledlight  Matadorlights  Matadorled
Large focus lamp  Up Light Led Spot Light
 Contour light Mushroom Lamp Under Water lamp

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