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Garden Lighting

Tips of garden lighting

  •  Wiring to the garden lights should be under ground.
  • It should be water proof and high quality
  • Large focus lamp can be used to show full garden.
  • Back ground lamps are used to increase the size and beauty of plants.
  • Up light-from bottom to top-gives more effect.
  • Spot lights used to project certain areas.
  • Contour lighting helps to high light  the borders and pathways in garden.
  • Mushroom lighting helps to high light grasses.
  • Under water lights are used to get more effect to ponds and pools.
  • Halogen lamps are used to get garden more natural in night.
  • Solar lamps help to save electricity.
  • Some areas in garden get less natural light. Plant that areas glossy leave plants.
  • We can lay white pebbles and chips to illuminate those areas.
garden lighting
 Certified-lighting  Inventaalighting  Garden Lighting
 Microledlight  Matadorlights  Matadorled
Large focus lamp  Up Light Led Spot Light
 Contour light Mushroom Lamp Under Water lamp
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