Gas water heater

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Gas water heater

Gas water heater

Features of gas water heater are ,Energy saving, Auto-cut-off protection,Water-controlled automatic ignition, Low water pressure start up function,Anti-dry combustion protection,Anti-wind flow-back device,Over-pressure protection,Anti-freezing protection etc.This home appliance can provide warm water instantly to save time and ensure comfort.There is a flame failure protection to prevent gas leakage from the unit.This appliance boasts of a battery operated automatic ignition, which lights the pilot flame in the system without any manual intervention. The overheating safety mechanism prevents the unit from any kind of damage that can be caused due to overheating.


Domestic gas water heaters

Gas Water Heater (Balance Type) (Газ водонагреватель (баланс тип))

 Instant Gas Water Heater with Anti-Blockage Function from China

Padmini Gas Water Heater Elite

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