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Gate 8 different types

Gate is the first architectural structure we meet on.a.building.A gate or gateway is a point of entry to a space enclosed by walls, or a moderately sized opening in some sort of fence.  gate
Gates may prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative.  Other terms for gate include yett and port. The word derives from the old Norse “gata”, meaning road or path, and originally referred to the gap in the wall or fence, rather than the barrier which closed it.A gate  is a point of entry to a space enclosed by walls, or a moderately sized opening in some sort of fence.Gates may prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative. A gate may have a latch to keep it from swinging and a lock for securityread more from   |   AMAZINGGATES  | SCOTLANDENTRY

Revolving Gate

Revolving gates serve the purpose of controlling and limiting pedestrian traffic in guarded areas. They are designed for interior use.They are installed in places where no strict access control is required.They are compatible with access control systems. The casing is made of stainless steel metal .  The gate arm is made of tempered glass or wooden planks or other metal sheets. 
Revolving Gate Revolving Gate

Sliding Gate

Sliding Gate is a type of Gate which opens horizontally by sliding, where by the Gate is either mounted on or suspended from a track.
Sliding Gate Sliding Gate

Swing Gate

Swing gates swing open like the door to your bedroom or bathroom might, simply opening inward or outward. Swing Gate

Wooden Gate

From natural timber, to stained or painted, contemporary style or traditional elegance, Wooden Gates , to meet the individual needs of the customer.Entrance-ways naturally come in different shapes and sizes. Gates are often an after thought,  yet they are normally the first impression and a lasting image of your property. By necessity  approach to building gates is one of flexibility, and a large proportion of  gates are built to custom sizes, and to a lesser degree, to custom designs.
Wooden Gate Wooden Gate

Automatic Gate

It is a mechanical device used to open and close a gate, such as one at the end of a driveway. There are two main types of electric gate openers – hydraulic or electromechanical; these can be further split into the following categories, worm (or screw) driven, arm openers and underground openers.Automatic and Electric Gate operators are designed for both swinging and sliding gates. They can be programmed to open and close with a wireless transmitter or a manual device. Low Voltage Automatic Gate openers can also be fitted with solar panels to ensure function during loss of electricity or blackouts. 
Automatic Gate Automatic Gate

Stainless steel Gate

Gates are installed as entrance gates in villas, multi storey buildings and penthouses. The range of main gates is appreciated for their strong construction, low maintenance cost and durable finish 
Stainless steel Gate Stainless steel Gate

Steel Gate (MS/GI) 

With MS/GI we can create both traditional and contemporary style gates.  Gates which are best for security and safety purposes. These gates in different dimensions and designs and you can opt according to your requirements. 
Steel Gate (MS/GI) Steel Gate (MS/GI)

Cast iron gate

By choosing solid cast iron gates and fence you eliminate unnecessary carbon generating energy spent remanufacturing and replacing the products over and over again, while simultaneously providing unmatched value in long term ownership costs compared to similar fabricated ornamental iron gates and decorative steel fence making cast iron a natural choice. 
Cast iron gate Cast iron gate






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