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Glass Etching

Glass Etching:Etching refers to the technique of creating art on the surface of glass by applying acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances.It is done by sand blasting process.Glass etching is the abrading or roughening of a piece of glass in selected areas in order to produce a design. It is a way to produce a “frosted” design on the surface of a piece of glass, but it is much more than that!  Glass etching
It can also be used to carve a design deep into the glass or to produce a shaded design that looks like delicate airbrushing but is permanently etched in the glass.Etching charge=Rs 30-40/ft2 (on jan 2009).Acid Etching charge=Rs 125-150/ft2 (onjan 2009)Read more from on-siteglassetchingSend Enquiry
etc1Etched Designer Glass For House Decoration From sanssoucie
etc2Aquarium 3D Glass Partitions Enclosed From Sanssoucie
etc3etched glass partitions From Sanssoucie
etc4 doorEtched Glass door From Glasik 
etc5 stair case etching designBeautiful Stair Case Glass Etched Design From Glassmirrorstore
etc6 etc windowAttractive Etched Glass Window From sanssoucie
acd11Decorative Acid Etched Glass From Asia Glass

Etched Glass Designs

Dkumarindia Fancyglass Surface Etched Glass
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