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GlassPartition wall

Glass partition wall are ideal for areas where a physical, but not a visual, barrier is needed.The beauty of glass enhance any space. Designs combined the beauty of glass with the functionality of an operable partitions   glass partiton wall aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
are available.Folding glass partitions allow the light to shine in and provide the flexibility to reconfigure space.HUFCOR | WALLENIUM | MALROX
 Hufcor  Wallenium  Malrox
 Koucagroup D-rych

Toughened Glass Partitioning

Toughened glass partitioning can be installed as either single or double glazed. It has been designed for the modern environment to allow light to fill every office whilst providing the feeling of space.Both systems use the unique clip fit system which greatly reduces installation times and almost eliminates the need for drilling and screwing. The peripheral aluminium sections have various finishes to include an extensive range of colours that can be chosen 
from either RAL or BS colour range. This means that you can create a bright and modern working environment in keeping with your existing or planned design for the rest of the building. more from  
Mavis Tire Corporate interior glass entraces, Millwood, NY
 Atmglass  Alufinns  Championmetalglass
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