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Gypsum board/ POP ceiling.

Gypsum board is a ready made product.These board can be easily suspended from main ceiling .High finishing, light weight, long lasting, Cost effectiveness are the quality of gypsum board.Gypsum board Ceiling cost Rs 60/ft2 onwards(on jan 2015) Gypsom board ceiling decoration
POP is made by a mixture of Plaster of Paris (POP) powder,White cement & Water, POP ceiling.
gps1Gypsum board false ceiling designs or living room, modern LED ceiling lights From Decorpuzzle
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Modern false ceiling pop design for bedroom From Decor-zoom

pop2Gypsum board false ceiling design, multilevel ceiling lights  From Ur-style

pop4Beautiful Pop Ceiling From Namcity
pop5Pop Ceiling With Led Lighting Gharexpert

pop3Modern false ceiling designs for bedroom of gypsum board From  Style.net
pop6Modern Ceiling Design with Gypsum From Thisforall

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