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Tiolet / Water closet -different types

Different types of toilets

Indian type toilets (Orissa pan), Water closet-Flush toilet
European type toilets
Wall hung /Wall mounted water closet
S trap & P trap water closet | ,
One piece toilet & two piece water closet,
Hand free toilet etc
Water closet or  flush toilet  is a toilet that disposes of human liquid and solid waste, by using water to flush it through a drainpipe to another location for disposal.A urinal, which is designed to handle only liquid waste.There are two types of toilets, the western–style toilet for sitting and the Asian–style toilet to squat.

Indian type water closet (Orissa pan)

 Indian style toilets are designed based on the human’s natural position to excrete the fecal matter.Using this kind of toilet is more comfortable where you dont have to groan or moan because the position is very natural and relaxing.Suitable for schools, colleges, homes, hostels, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, cinemas and for personal use.Available in different   colors, shapes and sizes to  decorate modern   bathroom. Water closet-Flush toilet
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European type Water closet

In European  type water closet can use just like sitting on a stool.   European  type water closet maximize space, increase style, . Many people consider adopting European toilets due to their safety and ease of use.The development of lavatory has revolutionized human sanitation.Less water consumption is one of the major consideration while selecting a water closet. Water closet-Flush toilet
 More about  European type Water closet

Wall hung /Wall mounted water closet

 A wall hung toilet is attached to the wall of your bathroom.It takes up a minimal amount of space. All  water outlets and other aspects  are concealed , and appear to look like an eyesore in the bathroom.Cost of wall mounted toilets higher than floor mounted toilet.Care should be taken for leakage and loosing of fixture  while installing wall mounted toilets.It is not recommended  for heavy usage areas.
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Wall mounted water closet


S-Trap and P-Trap Water Closet

Differences between Italian  Suites and Their ApplicationsWater closets are either S trap or P trap. These two features trap a small amount of water to prevent the backflow of sewage gases into the water cosset and finally back to the room creating a bad odor and allowing bacterial into the room.Traditionally, most toilets were the S type.  Italian S trap water Closet has an S shaped plumb fitting just below the water closets.  This plumb fitting traps water in the S shape after much of the water has gone down the drain.   
This water acts as a sealant and prevents flow of sewage gases back to the closet. Due to its S shape, this design creates a siphoning effect which sometimes drains all the water in the S trap. Thus S trap toilets are being replaced by P trap which does not have siphoning effects.P trap toilets have a U shaped plumb fitting followed by a 90 degree bend. The two fittings create a P shaped structure just below the water closest. The P shaped has been carefully engineered to prevent the siphoning effects and the water trapped is permanently there. Most S traps are currently being replaced with P trap.


Water closet-Flush toilet Water closet-Flush toilet

Hand free toilet-Intelligent sanitary  toilet seat

Hand free toilet:With the Hands Free Wash toilet bidet converter you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced daily hygiene without the extra space and cost of a separate bidet fixture
 Water closet-Flush toilet Water closet-Flush toilet




What is a Water Closet – WC Definition & Meaning?

hindware-logo Water closet-Flush toilet Roca
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