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Interlocking paver blocks

High quality concrete riding surface  offers superior durability, skid resistance, abrasion and scuffing residence.Since a concrete block paving surface is composed of many small segments separated by fine joints. interlock exterior tiles
Advantages of Interlocking Concrete Yard paves:It combines the virtues of a hard concrete surface with a degree of flexibility. Therefore, cracking of blocks is fairly rare and does not usually affect structural capacity.Two major advantages of concrete block paving are aesthetic appeal and high strength. Interlocking paving has human scale, texture, pattern, and a sense of direction. It is often used for these reasons alone. 
Different Design- style- texture-pattern in Interlocking Concrete Yard paves
indiavasthu preranatiles
double yellow line
mhbinterlocks landwaretiles pavingexpert
Different thickness and uasge of each thicknessThese products are available in different thickness and strength.The thicknesses are available 40mm, 60mm, 80mm and 100mm .The compressive strength may be varry according to the product and manufactures.40mm Thickness is advisable for non vehicular load only pedestrian movements 60mm Thickness is advisable for light vehicular load like two wheeler, car etc. 80mm & 100mm Thickness are advisable for heavy vehicular load like buses, trucks etc

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