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Laterite stone dressing machine

Laterite Stone (Red stone) dressing / stone shaping machine attached to Mitsubishi shakti 180-D mini Tractor. Easily portable to every where with 4-wheel Drive making hills and plans no-different ! Can Dress an average of 2000-2500 stones easily with a minimal requirement of 2 labours. Productivity can be further increased by increasing the human resource
Laterite stone dressing machine

Advantages of  Laterite Stone (Red stone) dressing / stone shaping machine  are ;-

-The machine can dress up to 2500 stones per day, i,e, 300 stones per hour !

- Easy mobility since attached to a 4-wheel drive mini Tractor

- Optimum comfortable loading height effectively reducing the man power needed and increasing productivity

- Using shaved / Dressed stone on construction will reduce the quantity of sand and cement needed for paving, plastering and other similar works.

- -The machine drawn laterite stones have perfect edges with right angles making it perfect for constructional purposes- Machine Dressed stones will be more perfect than human dressed stones and will be much more neat and tide in appearance- The stones can be be dressed at a estimated cost of about Rs 5 ($0.10)- Full support and service provided by the manufacturers



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