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Lime Stone Flooring

 Lime Stone Flooring:Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the mineral calcite. Limestone is less resistant than most igneous rocks, but more resistant than most other sedimentary rocks. Limestone is readily available and relatively easy to cut into blocks or more elaborate carving. Lime Stone Flooring
It is also long-lasting and stands up well to exposure.Natural limestone is oil resistant and non-slippery, therefore, well suited for flooring and paving purposes. Limestone can be also be used in any weather, as extreme degree of temperature, cold or hot, hardly affects the color and texture of limestone.It is highly acclaimed for its natural beauty, that makes it useful for interior as well as exterior decoration.more from   BAGAYAT |  ABIM PEX

Lime Stone Flooring Lime Stone Flooring
Green lime stone Pink lime stone
Lime Stone Flooring Lime Stone Flooring
Mstoneandtile Toppstiles

Polished lime stone Amarestone

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