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Magnetic Door Sensor

Usage of magnetic door sensor

Magnetic Door Sensor is ideally used to monitor closed entry points such as doors & windows. It is designed to send a signal to the main panel, when the contact between the transmitter and corresponding magnetic sensor is broken.when the door or window is open, it will be triggered and immediately sends out wireless signal to main alarm system to warning.More from  magnet Magnetic Door Sensor
Save power design, low power indicated, It is widely used for monitoring and security system, with high reliability, small size, easy installation and operation and strong flexibility.It is including one transmitter part and two small magnetic parts. Magnetic door sensor

Cost of magnetic door sensor

Different types of magnetic door sensor

Conceal with Recess Round,Floor Roller Shutter Magnetic Contact,MAGTEC Upper Roller Shutter Magnetic Contact

How to fix a magnetic sensor in your door

 Magnetic Door Sensor  Magnetic Door Sensor  Magnetic Door Sensor


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