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Metal finishing works

Here we introduce different type of metal finishing works like,Acid Pickling,Aluminum Finishing,Black Oxide Finishing,Chromatic Conversion Coatings,Cleaners,Decorative Plating,Electroless Nickel Plating,Phosphate Coatings,Plating Brighteners,Rust Preventatives,Strippers,Wire and Tube Products etc. Zinc_Plating_Brightener_and_Chromate_Conversion_Coating_parts

Acid Pickling

Pickling process based on nitric acid:A limitation of alkaline pickling is that with certain aluminium alloys containing copper or zinc a grey or black deposit can sometimes originate that is difficult to rinse off. To remove this deposit these alloys are then immersed in nitric acid. Aluminium is barely affected by nitric acid. This means pickling can take place for several hours at ambient temperature if the concentration of nitric acid is not too high. The big advantage of this process is that a piping system can be cleaned in circulation, for example.The other pickling processes have a too short pickling time to be useable in practice.

Aluminum Finishing

Priesenterprises Saf

Black Oxide Finishing

Allblackco Proplating Erieprotectivecoatings

Chromate Conversion Coatings

Chromate conversion coating is a type of conversion coating used to passivate aluminum, zinc, cadmium, copper, silver, magnesium, and tin alloys.It is primarily used as a corrosion inhibitor, primer, decorative finish, or to retain electrical conductivity. The process is named after the chromate found in chromic acid, also known as hexavalent chromium,the chemical most widely used in the immersion bath process whereby the coating is applied. However, hexavalent chromium is toxic, thus, highly regulated, so new, non-hexavalent chromium-based processes are becoming more readily available at a commercial level. One alternative contains trivalent chromium. The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive is commonly referred to regarding elimination of hexavalent chromium.Chromate conversion coatings are commonly applied to everyday items such as hardware and tools, and can usually be recognized by their distinctively iridescent, greenish-yellow color.

Advancedplatingtech Globalmetalfinishing Phosphating


Vaccum Cleaner Panasonic Dartsimpex

Decorative plating

Aclassmetal Dipitnow Fhlambert

 Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating (EN) is an auto-catalytic chemical technique used to deposit a layer of nickel-phosphorus or nickel-boron alloy on a solid workpiece, such as metal or plastic. The process relies on the presence of a reducing agent, for example hydrated sodium hypophosphite (NaPO2H2·H2O) which reacts with the metal ions to deposit metal. The alloys with different percentage of phosphorus, ranging from 2-5 (low phosphorus) to up to 11-14 (high phosphorus) are possible. The metallurgical properties of alloys depend on the percentage of phosphorus.
Platingindia Plastic-plating Electro-coatings

Phosphate Coating

Phosphate coatings are used on steel parts for corrosion resistance, lubricity, or as a foundation for subsequent coatings or painting. It serves as a conversion coating in which a dilute solution of phosphoric acid and phosphate salts is applied via spraying or immersion and chemically reacts with the surface of the part being coated to form a layer of insoluble, crystalline phosphates. Phosphate conversion coatings can also be used on aluminium, zinc, cadmium, silver and tin.The main types of phosphate coatings are manganese, iron and zinc. Manganese phosphates are used both for corrosion resistance and lubricity and are applied only by immersion. Iron phosphates are typically used as a base for further coatings or painting and are applied by immersion or by spraying. Zinc phosphates are used for corrosion resistance (phosphate and oil), a lubricant base layer, and as a paint/coating base and can also be applied by immersion or spraying.
Armanonsor Phosphating Amperemetal

Plating Brighteners

Pcichemicals Wuhanjadechem Animalztube

 Rust Preventatives

Epi Zerust Sanchem

Wire And Tube Products

Pacificwire Tubeandwire Kmet








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