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Sunmica is another name for decorative laminates and it is primarily used as a surface finish pasted on top of another wooden or board members. They are available  in numerous colors and textures.  Sunmica Sheets  are termite proof and have smooth textures and finishing. These sheets are ideal for both domestic as well as commercial areas. 

To implement a sunmica or decorative laminate based design in your home, you work with the designer to get the drawing of the furniture item and purchase the required block boards or MDF/HDF or similar wooden members. The sunmica or decorative laminates are then pasted on top of the wood member. You do not need to polish the sunmica based furniture.
Saktimica SunMica Manglamsales
Rubymica Svsseal Rubber-gasket-seal
Mica-sheets Rubymica Indianmica
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