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Exhaust ventilation in bathroom

 mono-pipe exhaust ventilation of bathroom Mono-pipe ventilation system that enables air exhaust from several premises through a single ventilation shaft is the most common solution for such application. Several flats can be connected to one ventilation shaft.  401_b
Correct ventilation arrangement is of special importance for flat reconstruction and rearrangements.The flexible ventilation system is the ideal solution just for such cases. It is designed at the construction stage and meets a number of important requirements such as fire safety, minimum mounting space, modern design, simple functions and operation modes of the fans for maximum comfort in the apartment. Vent Vn fans fully meet these requirements as they combine maximum operating efficiency and absolute fire safety (modification in fireproof casing).

How To Install a Bath Exhaust Fan 

VENTS VN: mono-pipe exhaust ventilation of bathroom and kitchens
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