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Mud plaster /Earth plaster / Clay plaster on wall

Mud plaster /Earth  plaster / Clay plaster:It is also known as mud plaster and clay plaster. The material is as simple as the name implies. Earth plaster is nothing more than sand and clay (with chopped straw, if desired) mixed together in the proper proportions to prevent cracking.  mud plastering
 When mixed and applied properly, this wall covering will be hard, durable, and beautiful. In many regions of the country, earth plaster can even be used on the exterior walls and may easily last for seven to ten years or more without any maintenance.Send Enquiry
mud1Earth Plastering From Buildingwithawareness

mud2Mud Plastering From Buildingwithawareness
mud3Earth Plastering From Themudhome

mud4Clay plastering from Dancingrabbit
mud5Mud Plastering From Communityrebuilds

mud6Mud Plastering From Sparc-project


Mud plaster over concrete wall From Abari

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