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Munaram ,Dome & masjid decoration

Munaram & masjid decoration:The principal Islamic architectural styles are the mosque, the tomb, palace and fort. As far as the architectural decoration was concerned in Islamic architecture, plaster, patterned brickwork and tile dome
 were used as “decorative media.”Splendid molded mihrab facings composed of “columnar bands of Quranic inscriptions” were used for tiles. Tiles in various shapes were fitted together into wall panels. ”Timurid architecture featured mihrab coverings of brilliant tile mosaic,
 in which the i ndividual colours were fired separately to achieve their fullest intensity.” Tiles became so prominent an element of decoration in the Islamic architecture that tile industry was established in Turkey and Iran in the 15th century, and while new buildings received elegant tile settings, even the older buildings were redecorated with tiles.  These tiles were in gold and green and different colours were blended together in patterns. Other examples of decoration in Islamic architecture comprised woodcarving used on mimbars, doors and windows. Stone reliefs and marble inlays could be found in Spain, Turkey and Egypt.

Ready made RCC Masjid Minar

Ready made RCC Minars for masjids  are available in the market. Trelevant Company prepares ready made articles and precast minar , masjid jali  ,boundry wall ,parapet etc. The minar can be fitted in less time with reasonable price.more from  Aman Minar
masjid minar

GFRC Beautiful Domes

You can easily create a focal point using  domes. with ceiling domes you can turn a plain ceiling into an artistic expression. Back then ceiling domes were made of plaster but today they are available in one-piece designs that are easily installed with adhesive. Ceiling domes can be used as a focal point over  your building.a ceiling dome becomes an eye-catching showpiece when used as a setting for a highlighting a magnificent chandelier. GRC dom
 Adding a ceiling dome is easiest in a ceiling that has no floors above.Read more from  MRK


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