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Onduline roofing system

Onduline roofing Onduline roofing
Onduline is an attractive, lightweight but extremely tough corrugated roofing material. Its proven weathering qualities coupled with the ease and safety.It can be handled and fixed have resulted in it being used extensively on a wide range of buildings across the globe in all kinds of climatic conditions.


Advantages of Onduline roofing sheet

Light-weight: Onduline  roofing sheets are lightweight as compared to other materials like clay or concrete tiles. Almost 6.4 kg/m2 .So transportation and installation is easy.

Easy to install: The versatility of the onduline roofing sheet  allows  easy cutting, folding, and fixing. Only saw, hammer and nails are required for the installation.

Low maintenance: Maintenance cost onduline roofing sheets are comparatively low.

High sound absorption value: Due to fibrous composition it has sound absorption quality .

Corrosion resistive: Action against atmospheric agent are very low and so it will not become rest.

Asbestos free:  manufactures are claiming it is free from Harmful  asbestos content.

 onduline roofing  onduline roofing

How to fix Onduline roofing sheets 

onduline roofing


Onduline is available in 4 environmentally sensitive colours – red, green, brown and black.More from     ONDULINE-ROOFINGWoodhousestables , OndulineRoof shinglesPvcroofingsheets. Apurvaenterprises.

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