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Construction a guide & decoration  directory

A2z4home.com is an online  Construction guide & architectural directory.
architectural directory.We introduce the latest products,most modern designs  ,technologies and the best available technical personnel in  architectural works for you.You get number of available solutions for  construction of every parts of building.

Get Product and service provider in your location

Online green building & architectural directory: If you want to get  a provider for a particular design, product or service,related to building construction  in your location ,you  please go to concerned page and  select your location and go to search. There display all providers of that product or service,  in your location . You can select any one of the provider and contact them greend


Buy & Sell -Builders common platform.

It is a common platform for Architects,Engineers,Interior Designers,3D view designers ,Contractors,Service Providers, retail sellers, Manufactures ,Builders,Real estate agents & public users. You can purchase  or sell any product  there.
Free display your building: You can register in this site and create a free MY PAGE ,as a standard  user .There you have a gallery and can upload images of your ,building , building parts or interior images.If it is attractive ,we will approve it and give link from concerned page, and  display in this site with your details.You can also share your images to major social networking sites. smt
Services for Manufactures,Retail sellers,Designers,contractors & Service providers 
a) List your company in our green architectural directory: Manufactures,Retail sellers,Designers,contractors & Service providers   can  register   their company in this site and create a  MY PAGE. purchase
b) In your MY PAGE you can display , your products details , mail ID ,contact numbers  and service locations.
c) From your MY PAGE  you can   give link to your existing web site.  3d view
d) In Your GALLERY you can upload your product images with details.
e) While  users searching for a provider in a particular location, from a product page ,your MY PAGE will be displayed.
f)Users can share your gallery images to major  social networking sites ,with your details.    Our services
g)Users can send enquiry to you and You can view it “enquiry list view” button in your my page.
h)you will get instant notification through “e mail”  and “SMS” about inquiry.!
 i)You can write any number of  articles and features related to building industry,with images and video in your BLOG page.
In nutshell Users will get answer to the following questions from our site.   acc1
  • a)What is the solution for a problem in building industry?
  • b)What are the products for that?
  • c)Where will get the product from their location?
  • d)Who will install the service?
 Our vision & Mission-Green ideas   banner-vission
Find every thing in architecture and Convert everything to green ideas.For a better living style.Low cost construction.Green building.Apt product for apt requirement.

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