Pebbles,cobblar,Tiles,slab-Natuaral stone types by shape

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Pebbles,cobblar,Tiles,slab-Natuaral stone types by shape

Different types of natural stone


Pebble is a rock fragment which is smaller than a cobble. They are rounded and/or elliptical in shape, having diameter between 10 & 150 mm. Due to erosion effect these rock fragments gets naturally tumbled with flowing river water from mountains towards planes, making its surface smooth.
Pebbles Pebbles


Cobble stone is a naturally rounded paving stone, which is smaller than a boulder and larger than a pebble. Used basically to make pathways, pavements and for landscaping, Cobbles & Kerbs are fireproof, need little maintenance and no paint.

Cuddapah flooring

Cuddapah Black Limestone is one of the most popular limestone that is available in black colour. It is generally used for interiors as well as exteriors. he main attraction of this black limestone is that it is quite hard and is used in extreme temperatures.This cuddapah stone is quarried at Betamcherla,District Cuddapah,Andhra Pradesh.
Cuddapah flooring Cuddapah flooring







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