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Pillar Decoration

Best  Pillar Decoration ideas

 Pillar cladding
Modern pillar decoration ideas from fresh home

Contemporary-modern  pillar

 decoration ideas.

Pillar decoration  with Stainless steel cladding , ACP cladding pillar decoration,Wooden paneling  pillar decoration,Natural stone cladding pillar decoration,Plastering design work on pillar

Traditional pillar decoration ideas.


Pillar  design according to materials

Stone carving work on pillar, Wooden carving work on pillar, POP (plaster of parries) molding  work on pillar, Decorating with Cement decorative products ,

Pillar design according to style

Kerala style, Persian (mugal style), Victorian style, Chainese  style etc.
There is three parts in traditional decorative pillars.That is Pillar cap ,pillar body and pillar base .
Pillars are come in many shapes, the most typical of which are round and square. There are different ways to decorate pillars. Creating a pillar cap decoration , Creating sculpture around the pillar,Cladding with decorative materials ,drawing 3d border on the pillar ,Pillar base decoration are some common ways.

Pillar cap decoration

POP Decoration on pillar
Top Decorative Pillar Caps Wonderful Decoration Ideas Luxury In Decorative Pillar Caps Design Ideas and more..

Pillar base decoration

Column base decoration
Pillar base decoration

Cladding or paneling with

 decorative materials

 cladding on pillars
Wooden paneling, ACP Cladding, steel cladding,

Drawing 3d border on the pillar

iboarder works on pillar
Drawing 3d border on the pillar

Creating sculpture

around the pillar

decorative sculpture on pillar

sculpture around the pillar

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 Kerala style House Pillar From Kerala-interiordesigns
 pillar decoration



Column or pillar in architecture and structural engineering is a structural element that transmits, through compression, the weight of the structure above to their structural elements below. In other words, a column/pillar is a compression member.Painting, Cladding with decorative planks,fixing pillar cap moldings,are some pillar decoration ideas.


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