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PlyWood Partition wall

Plywood  can be used for interior wall coverings;  It comes in 4-feet-wide and 5-to 8-feet-long sheets, 1/4 to 3/4 inch thick. It is usually applied vertically from the floor to the ceiling. PlyWood Partition wall
When plywood is correctly applied (with flush joints), the joints do not need to be concealed. However, to improve wall appearance, joints may be covered with moldings. These may be battens fastened over the joints or applied as splines between the panels. Less expensive plywood can be covered with paint or covered in the same way as plastered surfaces.more from UBER-ENG
PlyWood Partition wall PlyWood Partition wall PlyWood Partition wall
 Dornob.com  Wisaplywood  Archdaily
PlyWood Partition wall

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