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Positive home

Positive home is a home which helps to create a positive thinking atmosphere  in the home.Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which you expect good and favorable results. In other words, positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. A positive mind waits for happiness, health and a happy ending in any situation.From a positive home Your life an work become more effective.

Positive home tips

Your choice of furnishings, accessories and their placement can have a huge impact on the energy within your home. Your home should be your sanctuary where you can feel nurtured, energized and fulfilled. Here are five tips to consider for bringing positive energy into your home.  vastu

1. Space

Space is an important concept to think about. It doesn’t matter whether your home is large or small or even if you live in a tiny room! To bring more positive energy into any size space be sure it is well organized and free of clutter. Consider what is really essential and what can be discarded or given to charity.

Your home should be your sanctuary where you can feel nurtured, energized and fulfilled.Freeing up clutter paves the way for good energy to flow within the home. 

Space doesn’t necessarily mean “sparse.” The key is to get rid of things that don’t belong since they represent stagnant energy which can become negative and weigh you down at home

2. Lighting

Proper lighting and air quality can also influence the energy in your home. Be sure to open your blinds to include as much natural light as possible in each area. Darkness slows down vibrations within a space and even causes feelings of depression. If natural lighting is a challenge try searching for some “natural light” or “full spectrum” light bulbs or LED lights.

3. Air Quality

Air quality is also important. Make sure air filters are changed regularly in heating and air conditioning systems. You may also want to invest in an air purifier. Green houseplants are nature’s air purifiers and have some great bonuses.They add beauty to your environment and they are living things with their own energy fields. That’s a double boost of positivity! Also think about adding some aromatherapy or incense. Sage, light floral and citrus scents work best.

4. Color

Color choices play a big role in your home’s energy. Black, while stylish can actually attract and hold negative energy if used in too large a quantity. You don’t need to get rid of your black items, just be sure to balance them out with other bright and cheerful colors.White is one of the best colors to attract positive energy. If you think of white light, it actually contains all the colors of the rainbow when seen through a prism. This makes the color white very powerful indeed!.A word of caution, too much white can feel overwhelming so be sure to balance it out with some other colors. Earth tone colors are especially nice to bring in some grounding and centering energy. Green plants can help with this too in addition to cleansing the air!.The major colors of the rainbow can also help with positive vibrations in the home. Each color has unique aspects, so including more of that color in your home can help draw that energy in.

positive home

Here is a quick rundown just to get an idea:

Reds:are great for romance and action, but too much can invite anger.

Oranges:suggest warmth and enthusiasm, but too much can cause restlessness.

Yellows :invite joy and inspiration, but too much can cause feelings of uncertainty.

Greens: are healing and nurturing, but overdoing green can induce laziness.Blues: are calming and peaceful, but too much blue (particularly deep blue or indigo) can attract depressive energy.Purples:are good for inspiration and luxury. Violet in particular is good for healing and manifesting. Too many purples or violets can call in serious and even sorrowful energy. No matter what colors are used in your décor, be sure to strive for balance
5. Furniture and Accessories
Selecting furniture and accessories can also influence the energy in your home. To keep it positive, choose pieces that you love. If shopping vintage or second hand, be sure to energetically cleanse your pieces.Burn some sage around these items, use a liquid sage spray or leave your possessions in the sunlight for a few hours if possible. You don’t want old or foreign energy in your space. Even if items are new, consider doing this to set the intention of positive energy for you and your home.Item placement is also a factor in attracting positive energy.
 Try to avoid clutter and overcrowding furniture and accessories. They need some room so energy can flow. This goes back to the idea of space. Also be mindful of the colors you select for furniture and accessories. Lastly, think about adding mirrors to open up an area and reflect that good energy coming into your home.A lot more can be said about inviting positive energy into your home but these tips will help get you started. Strive for a happy balance and have fun decorating!


1) Open all windows in the house and allow fresh air and sunshine to enter the house. Free flowing air and sun are excellent negativity removers.  Keeping the windows closed prevents positive energy from coming inside your house and negative energy from going out.

air purifierAir Purifier

2) Throw out all the clutter out of the house. Clean your house. Dispose of all the old unwanted things lying in the house. Clutter is a negativity magnet. It attracts and accumulates negative energy in the house.

3). Walking barefoot in the house helps all your negative energy to be absorbed by the earth.

Grounding is important to keep the energy balance in our body.Walking barefoot on grass is also an excellent way to ground yourself.


4) Always leave your footwear at the entrance of the house. Our footwear collects  negative energy.Hence in the olden days, these were kept out of the house. People used to enter the house only after washing feet with water. This action ensures that all the negativity remains outside or are grounded by earth and does not enter the house. Now it has become difficult to keep the footwear outside. So preferably remove them near the entrance door.

5) Go out in the open air. Take walks in the garden or open ground. Being amongst nature re-energizes or charges you fully.

6) Sweeping the floor also ensures that the negative energies are shaken and moved out with the dirt.

7)  Rock salt is another negativity remover. Wash or mop your floor with a fistful rock salt in a bucket of water. This ensures that every nook and corner of the house is rid of negative energy.

8) Potted plants or trees around your house or society also ensures more positive energy in the house and area.

9) Bathing or Soaking your legs and hands in rock salt water once in a while removes the negativity attached to your body.

11)   Repetition of Prayers,  increases the positive vibrations in the house.


12)  Keep your thoughts, action and speech Positive. Negative thoughts will bring in negative vibes. So avoid all negative thoughts, speech and actions.

13) Keep your house well lit and illuminated. Light removes negativity.

14) Keep faith in God and in yourself.You are the Creator of your own destiny by the Choices you make.


Vastu shastra guidlines
Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture that guides human to choose a path of happiness by complying with ancient principles embedded in immemorial Indian text of Vedas. A complete guide of Vastu will let you understand the norms and regulations of Vastu directions and placement so as to achieve 3 P’s of life- Peace, Progress and Prosperity. The science of direction acquaints people with the majestic powers of directions that render all-round peace and harmony to the inmates.
Vastu shastra guidlines from architectureideas,vaastu-shastra


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